The First Light Story

We love people.
That’s why we believe in values-based estate planning.

After graduating from a law school in the United Kingdom, Samuel first came into contact with estate planning at his position as a legal counsel at a licensed trust company.

Like many others, Samuel thought of a will as one of the many legal documents provided by legal professionals in the legal market. In fact, wills were often offered to clients as a ‘side dish’ to entice them to take up the more expensive core products and services that they may provide.

Many of these wills were legally valid but defective due to lack of proper estate planning. As a result, Samuel bore witness to many families experiencing tremendous stress, pain, and anguish.

With his newfound conviction, Samuel was moved to incorporate First Light Estate Planning to create a new breed of estate planners and to provide proper estate planning services to families.

Value-based Estate Planning

About First Light

At First Light Estate Planning, we don’t provide a one-size-fits-all solution. Every family is unique. We approach every client with a clean slate through values-based estate planning so that they continue to build upon the lives of their loved ones even when they are gone.

A will is a part of estate planning.