Estate Planning

Everyone has a story to tell, good gifts to bless our loved ones with, and a legacy to be etched in their hearts. We approach our clients with a clean slate through values-based planning so that they continue to build upon the lives of their loved ones even when they are gone. At First Light Estate Planning, we believe in providing clients with complete solutions through estate planning.

successful estate planning and will writing at first light

Estate Planning Services

Our services include (but not limited to):

  • Will Writing Service
  • Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Advance Care Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Trust Planning
  • Probate & Estate Administration
  • Custody Safekeeping Services

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Will Writing

Will writing is our instrument of choice to do that and we believe that everyone needs a will through estate planning.

Will Writing for Individuals

Our will writing for individuals starts from $400^ which includes the following provisions:

  1. Testator’s/Testatrix’s personal particulars
  2. Revocation clause
  3. Appointment of up to executors/trustees (up to 2 tiers)
  4. Appointment of up to guardians (up to 2 tiers)
  5. Definition of executor’s & trustee’s powers
  6. Residuary estate distribution

^ Inclusive of 1 additional clause

Will Writing for Couples and Out-of-office cases

For couples who are writing their wills together, the wills start from $360 each (usual starting price of $400)

For hospital and out-of-office cases, there will be an additional charge of $250.

What to expect during the will writing process

  1. Our legal counsels will learn more about the clients and what they hope to do for their loved ones
  2. We will go through a brainstorming session and discussion.
  3. The details and content will be drafted into the will for the client to review.
  4. After all the details are checked and confirmed, the client can proceed to sign the will.

For further information, you may contact us through our email or the contact form (on the top right).